Activated Charcoal for Nausea & Vomiting
charcoal for Nausea and Vomiting
Nausea and Vomiting

Vomiting is most often a natural reaction of the body to some toxic substance in the gastro-intestinal tract. Vomiting can result from several kinds of bacterial and viral diseases, and from poisons and drugs. Activated charcoal is a premiere natural remedy that adsorbs these toxins and is routinely used in Emergency Wards around the world.

Food Poisoning

Administering charcoal for vomiting due to some form of poisoning is not something new. In the late 1800s and early 1900s charcoal was routinely used by some informed physicians. The following was a leading article in the Therapeutist (Vol. 2 #4 April 15, 1908) and was contributed by A. C. Hewett, MD, Chicago, Illinois: 

“I recently received a ‘hurry call’ to attend Mrs. H. — ‘very sick’. The patient, a woman in good circumstances aged about fifty years, was found to be in fact very ill; pale-gray in the face, forehead and limbs covered with a clammy perspiration, pulse so small and rapid that counting was next to impossible, suffering severe gastric and abdominal pain, ‘had been vomiting copiously till nothing but a stringy mucus could be ejected’. Asked what she had eaten; I was told coffee, cross buns and canned boneless chicken; I at once diagnosed toxins, and gave charcoal, prepared as per the following Rx: Calcined willow charcoal and wheaten flour two heaping tablespoonfuls each; common table salt a level teaspoonful; warm water four ounces. The charcoal, flour and salt were first well mixed. Water was added little by little for convenience and speedy result.

Dosage, a brimming tablespoonful every ten minutes regardless of recurrent vomitings. The first dose was partly ejected. The second retained in spite of attempts to vomit. After taking the third spoonful, pain and nausea gradually subsided. Of course a hot water bag and bottles were put to her feet, warmed flannels wrapped around her knees and a hot water bottle placed in her hands, which she smilingly and soon nested upon her stomach… I directed continuance of hourly doses of the charcoal mixture till all should be taken. An uneventful and rapid recovery ensued.

Not long after I attended another patient similarly but not so severely affected. She was much younger; had “lunched,” taking coffee, doughnuts and canned salmon. The charcoal mixture and applied heat, brought similar result, and the admonition to use charcoal in food poisoning.” page 53


In spite of all the technical advances man has made, spoiled food, including spoiled canned food, and the many other health concerns of a hundred years ago, are still very relevant today. It seems clear that charcoal’s medicinal value was well known and enthusiastically promoted by some doctors in past generations. It is a shame more doctors today are not aware of charcoal’s proven track record when it comes to healing.

My Personal Experience

“It is nice to know charcoal will adsorb thousands of pollutants as well as different microbes. Unfortunately it is always easy to be careless with hygiene, especially in warmer climates. So it was for us one particular Sabbath afternoon. We had eaten a delicious lunch, and later went for a leisurely walk along the road under the spreading tropical trees. As we looked out over the relaxing pastoral scene, my stomach began to feel less and less restful. By nightfall I was feeling far beyond uncomfortable. I took some charcoal tablets, but I knew that this time it was not just gas. Midnight came and the pain was so intense that I could no longer lie still. Vomiting turned to retching, and I finally ended up on the floor in a fetal position. I don’t know why it took us so long to think of it, but at length my wife mixed up some charcoal and made a poultice. After she laid it on my abdomen we prayed. The pain became so intense all I could do was hug the poultice as I rolled on the floor.

By 3 a.m. I had had enough of pain, simple remedies, and prayer. “Take me to emergency,” I groaned. “I can’t take this.” However, before we left for the hospital, I decided to try a charcoal poultice once more. Another one was made, only this time it was very wet. We put that on my abdomen and said another prayer. I lay back on the bed and within five minutes I could feel the cramps easing. Within the half hour, I was sleeping. When I finally got up later that morning, my stomach was still sore from all the convulsing, but the poison, whatever it had been, was neutralized. I was a confirmed believer in charcoal. It really DID work!” page 26


In 1813, French chemist Michel Bertrand swallowed five grams of arsenic trioxide (150 times the amount that would have killed most people) mixed with charcoal. Again, there was no nausea, no vomiting, no diarrhea, no excruciating cramping, no severe burning in the mouth and throat, no collapse, no death. In a dangerous, but dramatic way, he had avoided the sure consequences of ingesting the arsenic and demonstrated charcoal’s phenomenal ability to hold poisons from being absorbed by the body. But don't you try this at home!

Nausea and Vomiting

The doctors Thrash have repeatedly treated nausea and vomiting with charcoal. In their book Rx Charcoal (page 40-41) they write: “We have never seen a case of acute nausea and vomiting in which treatment was begun early that continued past three doses of charcoal kept down. We believe it to be the most effective treatment available for nausea and vomiting and should always be used as the primary treatment of choice. Often, very uncomfortable patients will feel well in seconds after swallowing the charcoal slurry made from charcoal powder stirred in water.”

In the case of nausea and vomiting, after each vomiting episode, drink a mixture of one to two large spoonfuls of powder in a little water. You may follow the charcoal water with a glass of plain water, if tolerated. If the charcoal is vomited up, drink another glass of charcoal water immediately.

Dr. Wynn, MD, is one of the resident doctors at Uchee Pines Institute. Progressive-minded doctors are always ready to make room for innovative remedies. When I asked Dr. Wynn how he was introduced to charcoal he shared this story: “The experience that really made charcoal real for me happened during my time working in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. There you are surrounded by every conceivable parasite, but I had gotten off scot-free for some time. But one night we had our meal, and it just sat there in my stomach and didn’t move. I wanted to vomit, but I couldn’t. Next morning it was still there. The minister I was staying with pulled out some charcoal. Within a half hour of taking this wonder medicine, I was symptom free. I had heard how fast charcoal could work, but then I knew for myself.” page 101

Virginia lives in South Carolina and shared one of her many experiences. “Some years ago when a friend missed church for several weeks, I called to see how she was doing. Her husband John answered the phone, but said his wife could not come to the phone. I could hear someone vomiting in the background, so I asked if Betty was sick? He said yes, that she had been sick and couldn’t see anyone because she had been vomiting continuously. They had been to their family doctor and had then been referred to another doctor. But nothing they had suggested had helped. She was not able to keep anything down.

I asked if I could come over. She agreed I could but would not be able to visit with me. When I went over, I took some charcoal powder with me. But when I arrived, Betty was in the bathroom throwing up again. She was exhausted and groaned that she had nothing left, energy or otherwise.

I mixed up some charcoal slurry water, and gave her some to drink. We then sat and had a prayer and waited. After an hour she had still not vomited again, so I decided to leave. Before going, I instructed them that if she did vomit, she was to immediately take more charcoal. But she did not vomit again, and she quickly recovered her strength!!” page 127

Cases of nausea and vomiting, of whatever cause, will almost invariably respond to charcoal taken orally. If the patient vomits after an initial dose of charcoal, a second or third dose will typically settle the stomach. A charcoal poultice may also be applied to the stomach area which will help with abdominal pain.

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